And the connection between velociraptors and noodles is…?

I just love this kind of stuff. Imagine: some ancient mom’s noodles, preserved for all posterity!

Dr. Phil Manning and velociraptor clawAnd what about this debunking of Jurassic Park?

Remember that scene in the beginning of the movie where Dr. Alan Grant waves a scary-looking claw at a snotty little kid and describes how velociraptors used those claws to disembowel little boys who bother really important paleontologists?

He lied!

Turns out the cast members were in more danger of shallow puncture wounds from velociraptor claws than disembowelment. Velociraptors would still chew the stuffing out of you, but that whole claw/disembowelment thing, that’s all wrong.

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  1. Fair Jen, we not only still talk about this movie, we’ve set our stereo system to automatically play “Theme from Jurassic Park” when Hubby gets out of the shower.

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